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Alumni Chapters

Relevance of Alumni Chapters in meeting the goals of IISc AA

IIScAA has to be networking through its Alumni spread across various regions for all round development and achievement of the objectives set forth from time to time.

Needless to emphasise that the formation of IIScAA Chapters at various Centres would be vital.  In this context, IIScAA wishes to identify key personnel in various centres viz Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Calcutta who could take the initiative to form their own Regional Chapters.  To begin with each Chapter will need to have a minimum of 25 members to run the affairs of the Chapter.

The Chapters will be independent to plan their activities to achieve the vision, mission and objectives IIScAA globally.

Chapter Objectives

  1. To identify IIScAA  alumni.
  2. To identify IIScAA Members.
  3. To make a Data Bank of non-members and go on a drive for their registration.
  4. Create a data base of Alumni giving contact details; areas of expertise; identifying help areas and organisations.
  5. Engage in networking, social, cultural and sports activities, seminars, talks, conferences etc
  6. Periodically elect a committee consisting of Office bearers and Committee members preferably through electronic voting.
  7. The President and General Secretary of IIScAA will be ex-officio members of the Chapters’ Committee.
  8. The membership fee collected by the Chapter will be shared with AA on a mutually agreed ratio that could vary periodically on a needs basis.
  9. Chapters can constantly interact with the parent body for mutual benefit
  10. The IIScAA Website will have a menu captioned ‘Chapter News’.  That would spell out activities, events and major programmes embarked upon.