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Student Development & Corpus Fund

  1. IISc being a Government funded organization they have committed to be inclusive in its recruitment. This brings in students with varying levels of preparation.
  2. Further the recruitment policies and requirements of majority of employers keeps changing regularly. IISc needs inputs on these changes to help them in evolving a dynamic curriculum. Student interactions with alumni can be very helpful.
  3. Help with Internships, employment and Entrepreneurial development of students.

Alumni House

Creating a modern digital building with necessary and sufficient infrastructure for Alumni Association and visiting alumni in IISc campus with lodging facilities that could be reserved for Alumni members whenever they visit IISc or Bangalore for work. Currently IISc provides accommodation only on availability basis.

All of the above needs intense engagement of Alumni intellectually, financially and commitment of time.

Building a good corpus for many of the above activities has become urgent. This needs a good network of Alumni through formation of Alumni Chapters where ever good concentrations of our alumni are present. Exact nature of how the Chapters function and its relationship with The Global Alumni Chapters can be evolved through idea generation amongst members who are interested in participating followed by discussions and finalization subsequent to acceptance of the concept and approval at the forthcoming AGBM on 11th September 2016.

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