Candidates list – Election 2017-2019

The Final list of eligible candidates and their brief biodata for IIScAA Online Election for the  Executive Committee – 2017-19, are as follows :

Vice President (No. of Posts = 2)

  1. Dr. Prashant V. Bhosale (AA004177)
  2. Dr. B. Ashok (AA001117)
  3. Sri K. B. Anand (AA002892)
  4. Sri Om Prakash Subba Rao (AA006837)
  5. Sri Grama L Pradeep (AA001889)

General Secretary (No. of Posts =1)


  1. Sri K. S. Mukunda(AA001199) –  { Elected unopposed}

Joint Secretary ( No. of Posts = 1)


  1. Sri B. N. N. Prasad (AA007623)
  2. Dr. H. K. Anasuya Devi (AA005600)

Treasurer (No. of Posts = 1)


  1. Sri G. S. Ravishankar (AA000909)
  2. Sri C. Ravindranath (AA003748)

EC Members (No. of Posts = 10 )


  1. Dr. Madhurima Das (AA009107)
  2. Dr. Sreevalsa Kolathayar (AA009671)
  3. Sri M. S. Rameshaiah (AA008056)
  4. Sri Atul Kumar Malik (AA004866)
  5. Dr. Subba Rao Kalluri (AA006940)
  6. Dr. K. Gnanamurthy (AA000304)
  7. Sri V. Narayanan (AA001192)
  8. Dr. Chinnia Subramanian (AA008912)
  9. Dr. Saroj Kanta Mishra (AA009670)
  10. Sri Vinu Jade (AA004851)
  11. Sri Raj Kumar Dham (AA003009)

Click here to view the brief biodata of all the candidates

Candidates are allowed to canvass for their candidature under their own arrangements/methods.  However, the office of IIScAA/website should not be used.  Anyone found doing so will be debarred from their candidature for the final voting process.

The schedule of the elections and the process will be intimated during the weekending August 27th by the “Election Buddy”, who will communicate directly with all the members whose e-mail id is correctly updated as available with the IIScAA Office.

Please note that the cut-off date for the members who are eligible to vote is for those who have become members of the IIScAA upto 15th July 2017.


Lt. Col. G. Rajaram
Election Officer
IIScAA Online Election 2017